Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sometimes when we wake up in the morning, we do chores, have breakfast, go to work, we do think of that long road ahead, of where we would lead ourselves to, perhaps meet someone we would enjoy being around with, and be happy? Or maybe those things are just what our minds would hope when all is screwed up beyond imagining? If life is as bad as people say it is, then i would not hesitate to dream, even if it's just a soft whisper in a thunderstorm. I should realize that in life, things would ultimately fail, and that taking a little risk in the name of progress is human nature, to say the least, and that heartbreak does not mean it would be the last of me..

And here now, is my toast to the world, to life that goes on as it turns..My toast to love, may it be found even when it appears hopeless..Here's to dreams, and to the whispers, may it be heard over the wailing storm..

Monday, February 20, 2012


Small hours of the night, lamplights aglow,
Thoughts wander off beyond to the past i know,
Tangents to the future i have not seen,
No faces, no dreams, no places i have ever been..

Of tomorrow, what lies in wait for me?
Would i find love, or fall from another tree?
Will it be fruitful, or just another wasted day?
Or will i find happiness that last, on that very day?

Soft breeze flowing, leaves that sway,
A bright lit future, hopes that stay,
Dreams that put forth but never returned,
Opportunities and options that have been spurned..

Will people someday remember my name?
Will i step forth now, and try at fame?
Or will i be lost like millions before?
Slipping away as dust that wind bore?

Funny how far life has brought me,
It has given me happiness and borne me great sorrow,
Of the journey, where ever we would be,
As winding as a river, or as straight as an arrow..

The journey, they say, has many endings,
And that we choose how it ends by the life we live,
Perhaps truth there is, with all time we've been spending,
That the destination is irrelevant, but the journey we strive..

Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28th..Seems like forever since i felt like i do now. The feeling of finally fitting in where i am supposed to. When that happens, it does have it's own feeling of satisfaction, and time slows down.. Life is never a perfect image, and we humans keep what was dear to our lives in hopes of having all the pieces in place for that moment in time when we can stand back and admire what we thought of as the perfect life. I hope to get that far, and get that much.. Although at times i had thought my road as more bumpy than the rest, at least i try, right?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Night has fallen over day at last,
Events of today has now gone past,
Whispers of thoughts and shadows of dreams,
Clouding our hearts, or so it seems..

Thoughts came wandering of better times,
When the grass was green and hearts' afloat,
Dreams of displaced places in time,
Intending to fill an empty heart with hope..

It was just a dreamer's dream i had,
When all thoughts had turned dark and forlorn,
Upon these skies that stars now adorned,
An attempt to add smiles to a world gone mad..

A naivete attempt, for that i am sure,
To help heal a wounded heart,
Even after all i endured,
Here i still am, to play my sad part..

Perhaps the one will finally see,
That boy in the corner trying to stay brave,
Maybe someone would understand at last,
It is not just my heart i wanted to save..

It is yours..... :-)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A brand new day, and a fresh start.. What most hope for, but never really achieved, in part, or completely. I sincerely hope that every day that goes by the world would get better and wiser, and for once, the news on tv would have something nice to say instead. But i guess being a hoping optimist has its own strange tides, i guess.. Was it wrong to hope so?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thoughts for the night

The night is calm and uncommonly still,
Overcast sky and a midnight chill,
I sat outside of my apartment today,
To sort out the things my mind has to say..

Writing the thoughts of a sundered dreamer,
Of hopes and dreams of an age long ago,
The confused thoughts of a mind that wander,
Searching for peace that it had lost so..

Recovering what is lost takes time they say,
Never mentioning the price that i have to pay,
Salvaging a life from the wreckage of old,
Trying to relight a fire that has gone cold..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I say i am healed, but why does my heart hurt?

I said i am whole, why am i fragmented..?

I say i'm happy.. but why am i in tears..?